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Your New Home Warranty

One of the benefits of purchasing a new home is the peace of mind of a new home warranty. Our builder partners, Cedarglen Homes and Albi Luxury go above and beyond to ensure their customer’s homes are perfect. Each offers a new home warranty program that follows¬†the guidelines set out by the Alberta Government in the New Home Buyer Protection Act. ¬†The act reflects the Governments desire to ensure that all new home buyers receive clear warranty protection. Every builder must provide a minimum of 1-2-5-10 coverage.

1-2-5-10 Coverage – Your New Home Warranty

1 Year Labour & Materials – For one year, your new home is covered for all defects in materials and labour. This includes issues with the way your home was built and the materials that were used. Materials include flooring, trim and fixtures.

2 Year Distribution Systems – Covers any defects in labour and materials related to heating, electrical and plumbing systems for two years.

5 Year Building Envelope – All the components related to the building envelope are under warranty for 5 years. The building envelope is the system of components that separate controlled air from the exterior (for example framing, roof and window installation).

10 Year Structural Integrity – For 10 years the key structural components (frame and foundation) of your new home are covered. This includes defects in material and labour.

The Alberta New Home Warranty Program has a short video that explains the regulated program in Alberta.

Understanding Your Coverage from Alberta New Home Warranty on Vimeo.