How to Prevent Icy Windows and Moisture Build-Up in Calgary Homes

During the winter, homebuilders in Calgary receive many calls regarding frozen condensation on windows and around doors. This condensation occurs when excessive warm, moist air inside the home comes in contact with the cold windows and doors.

The homebuilders within the community of The Rise at West Grove Estates, located in the Calgary Alberta, have compiled six suggestions for you to reduce icy windows and moisture build-up inside your home in winter.

Turn Down the Humidifier

If there is a humidifier used anywhere in your home, including the humidifier that operates in conjunction with a furnace, try dialing down the setting by 15%. The reduction of moisture into the indoor air will reduce condensation.

Run the Exhaust Fans in the Kitchen and the Bathrooms

Moisture will accumulate in the bathrooms when showering and in the kitchen when cooking. Homebuilders in Calgary recommend running the exhaust fans when cooking and showering and for up to 30 minutes after each is complete.

Wipe Away any Moisture

The only way to remove settled moisture is to wipe it away with a dry cloth. Any settled moisture will eventually cause damage to paint, window trim, wood, and walls. The reduction of icy windows and moisture build-up is about managing settled water.

Circulate the Air

Air circulation throughout the house will reduce moisture build-up. Ceiling fans that run clockwise will circulate the warm, moist air at the top of the room to the floor. The moist air will also circulate throughout the house.

Open Curtains and Blinds

When blinds and curtains are closed, cold air becomes trapped against the windows. When windows are exposed to the warm inside air, there will not be icy build-up because the warm air will not freeze.

Let the Heat Vents Breathe

The homebuilders in Calgary design the placement of heat vents in optimal positions to provide heat throughout the entire house. The homeowner must ensure that all vents remain open and unrestricted by furniture and other obstacles. There will not be adequate air flow or even temperatures throughout the house if the vents are closed and restricted.

The builders within The Rise at West Grove Estates will consult with homeowners, current and new, regarding icy windows and moisture build-up that may occur in the Calgary winter.