Personalizing Your West Calgary Home - 2017 Decor

Personalizing Your West Calgary Home

So you’ve already unpacked and gotten rid of the many boxes that once cluttered your new home? It sounds like it’s time for the next step: personalizing it. While decoration and how your furnish your home is important, it’s also important that you make these factors reflect your personality and who you are; when you have guests walk in through that door, you want to show them your home, not a home. Besides, you’ve just invested money into an important endeavor, so you should take pride in that! Just getting started on decor? Here are some easy ways to make your West Calgary home yours:

Add a Touch of Your Favorite Color

Don’t be afraid to incorporate your favorite color into some of the décors! The best part is, you don’t have to use paint to do it; invest in a few throw pillows or rugs that have just the right color to give your home a stylish, more personal touch.

Show off Your Interests

Aspiring artist? Music collection? Fishing enthusiast? No matter your hobby, show it off with pride in your new home! There are a plethora of ways you can display your interests. Hang up some of your favorite art pieces, or find a shelving option or display case that puts your collection in full view; the idea is to find décor that helps reflect your favorite past-time for everyone to see.

Make Your Home Comfortable

Finally, since this is your home, it’s important that you feel comfortable living in it! Add fresh flowers, or candles with your favorite scents to give your senses the comfort you need from being in a new, unknown home. Want to feel more comfortable? Take out your favorite blanket or pillow and have it readily available within the first few days of moving in. Surrounding yourself in what you’re most comfortable with makes the adjustment period a lot easier.