Organizing Your Home’s Drawers

If you have just moved or are planning on it soon, there may be a high necessity to start organizing your things. A clutter-free home eases stress and makes moving to a new location much easier. If you need closet organization ideas or a desk drawer organizer, these tips can help!

Start with an Empty Space

This could mean taking absolutely everything out of your closet or your drawers to begin. It will take much longer, and you may end up with a much less satisfying result if you try to organize something that is currently full of clutter. Take it all out and lay it on your bed or floor before you get started. This way, you can move onto the next step of organizing.


If you have a big closet or even a small dresser, it could be perfect for storing everything you need. Unfortunately, it might have enough space for a lot of things you don’t need or use anymore. These spots in your house will, over the years, start to accumulate the most junk out of anywhere else inside your house.

Once, you have everything out of your dresser or closet, go through it all and separate it into two piles:

  • Things you want to donate
  • Things you need to throw away

There’s a good chance you have clothes and items hiding in your storage spaces that are still good to wear, just not for you. Put those things in a large bag or box that you can donate to a local charity. The other things, however, can just go in the trash. Especially if you are decluttering a junk drawer, you might be able to fill a few bags full of garbage!