New Year, New You!

The Rise West Grove Estates in West Calgary is a beautiful neighbourhood in architecture, landscaping and pathways. If you’re like a large percentage of people, you want to take advantage of that long-said phrase: “New Year, New Me.” Typically people strive to put health at the top of their priority list for 52 weeks, not just a passing New Year’s resolution. Although eating healthy is large part of being a healthier you, getting outside or finding a way to move is just as important. Luckily in West Calgary there are several options.

Outdoor Adventures in your Community


The first thing that makes for a good habit is to start walking, running or jogging. This means making room in your day every single day to go outside for at least a half-hour. This helps to get your blood flowing and your calories burning. The Rise has an intricate pathway system that connects to over 800 km of the regional pathway system – your outdoor walk or run doesn’t have to be repetitive.

Canada Olympic Park

If you are looking for more than just a walk or run, a short distance from The Rise is Canada Olympic Park, where there are many activities in winter and summer. In the winter try out skiing or snowboarding. If skis aren’t your thing, there is tobogganing, luge rides, bobsleds, and much more! Winter sports are a great way to start your year as an active and fit person. They work out balanced muscles so that you gain a practical amount of strength. During the summer months you can still try out the luging or downhill biking to keep you fit and active.

 Explore Indoor Activities Available Around You

Westside Rec Centre

If outdoor activities are not at the top of your list, you could buy a family membership at the nearby recreation centre. Westside Rec Centre offers year-round activities for the entire family including swimming, skating and a gym for the sport of your choosing. They also offer family activities, parent and tot classes or if you want an hour of activity to yourself they have childcare available while you are using the facility. It’s a great way to get the whole family involved.

Gym Memberships

If you prefer a more traditional gym experience and don’t need all the extra activities, there are several gyms In West Calgary including Orange Theory Fitness, Anytime Fitness and your choice of yoga studios. Each one will get you moving and closer to the healthier version of you.

New Activities

Want to try out a new work out regime? Check out Barre Belle at West 85th – a fitness class based on dance principles to help you achieve your goals. Want something with a little more punch? Check our 9Round Aspen Landing. They offer kickboxing themes programs that are sure to keep you moving.