Importance of the Design Stage for your Custom Home

Designing a new home is a very exciting time. It gives you a chance to sit down with a highly professional team of designers and share your ideas about the rooms, special living spaces, outdoor touches and all the tiny details to make a perfect new home in Calgary.

The design of your home is the basis for all future work. Once the design is completed, the drawings are complete, and the permits are in place, construction can begin. It is vital that the design phase of your project is thoroughly thought out for many reasons

Visualize Your Home

Having a home builder create a realistic drawing of your home will allow you to visualize it. This is important to avoid any mistakes that may not be noticed until construction begins. A thorough and accurate drawing will also give you a better estimate of a timeline.


When choosing a home design, there are many factors that go into the overall cost of the project. By spending extra time on the design phase, you can determine the materials for many aspects of your home. Once the layout has been selected, there are many additional touches to determine such as the cabinets and counter tops. When all are selected, an accurate estimate can be created and will allow you to make any changes before construction begins so the project can stay in your budget.


Any changes that are made after construction begins can be more costly than if they were made before it. Working with a professional design team will ensure that all your needs are met. Your design team can also recommend some changes that you may not even think of since they are familiar with the needs of their clients.

The design phase is also so much fun! How often do you get to see your dream home designed before your eyes??