Eight Top Tips on How to Furnish a Newly-Built Home: A New Homeowner’s Ultimate Guide

The purchase of a new home, whether pre-owned or newly-built, is a milestone. Although the purchasing process tends to bring about stress, the furnishing process should be fun.

The builders within the community of The Rise at West Grove Estates, located in the West Spring area of Calgary, have established top eight tips for furnishing your new home. The builders in The Rise have a large presence within the West Spring community, and the tips within this Homeowner’s Guide are assembled from the actual experiences of new homeowners.

Whether you are upsizing or downsizing, furnishing a newly-built house to get to the point where it feels like home will occur over time. In either case, a new homeowner is starting from the beginning. Below is a list of the three main things to avoid.

  • Don’t Overfill

    New, but empty, spaces do not need to be filled and furnished right away. It is wise to start with the staple investment pieces, and then fill the remaining spaces with the non-essential, accessory pieces over time.

  • Trust the Tape Measure Over the Eye

    It is always good to know the measurements of the room or the area before a purchase is made. Thinking a sofa, a recliner or a big-screen will fit, and knowing it will fit, are two different things.

  • Don’t Be Unrealistic

    You and your family are moving into a new home to be lived in, not into a staged room in a photo studio. Pictures in magazines or on websites are fine for ideas, colors and styles, but you must also factor in the “living in” aspect.

    Now, we come to Homeowner’s Guide with eight helpful tips on things to do when furnishing a newly-built home in West Spring.

  • Starting Off

    The ease and popularity of purchasing furniture online have increased. Don’t get overwhelmed. Focus on one room at a time, and then take the time to browse for colors and styles that feel like the home you want to create.

  • Measuring Up

    It is important for you to know the space by measuring the area, or by obtaining a scaled floorplan prior to your move. A bird’s-eye view of a room or area, to scale, will help with the focus of the furniture placement. You will find that most retailers will provide the measurements and dimensions of each furniture piece on their websites.

    There are many interior design apps to help size and scale the furniture within the actual measurements and the layout of the room.

  • One Room, One Style

    It is a mistake to purchase furniture for the new home in one purchase. This purchase spree is not only incredibly expensive, but it will take away from your styling focus.

    At first, you are moving into a new house, and this house will transform into a home as accessory items begin to accumulate around the staple furniture.

  • Begin with the Investment Pieces

    Investment pieces are not the most expensive pieces; these are the items of investment. You invest in a good mattress, a comfortable sofa, a china cabinet, a dining set and other vital furniture for storage and sleep. These are furniture sets and pieces that are kept for the longest time.

  • Make the Most of Space, Inexpensively

    Purchasing a newly-built house and moving into it is expensive. So, it is wise to, at first, look for accessories with multi-purposes that stack when not in use. These items can be end tables, stools, footrests, and tables with extensions.

  • Tie Everything Together with Color

    A home that is basically a blank canvas does not mean buying everything that matches. Furniture can be tied to ancillary furnishings and pieces by color and textures of different styles.

    Unless designed to your specifications, many newly-built homes will have neutral color tones. This is the time to be clever with the color and texture bases.

  • Get Inspired by Other Homeowners

    The browsing through magazines and websites are fine, but it is best to get inspired by real homes. The Rise at West Grove Estates is an entire community of new homes in West Springs with other homeowners sharing their design journey on social media. As the new neighbour, you can join these platforms to ask questions and share your thoughts.

  • Be Smart with the Delivery

    The ease of online purchasing must be accompanied by a great delivery service. With next-day delivery and trackable orders, you will know what to expect and when.

    The purchasing and moving into a house will be stressful, but the creation of a home will be fun. The builders in The Rise at West Grove Estates look forward to meeting and helping you during your journey.

    Welcome to the neighbourhood.