Benefits of Living in West Calgary

Often referred to as “The Heart of the New West,” West Calgary is one of the top cities to live in, in Canada. Calgary is the third largest municipality in the country. From its many beautiful attractions to its diverse community, there is a reason Calgary was named #5 best city in the world to live, and why over 1.2 million people call it home.


Calgary has an extremely diverse community, with families and people from all around the globe. The community is respectful and tolerant of each culture that makes up Calgary. It also has the youngest population in all of Canada, with the average person being 36 years old. There are lots of activities for people of any age, with any interest.


If you enjoy shopping, then Calgary has a lot to offer. The various shopping malls, feature hundreds of brands and stores, including the international variety. It is also home of Stephen Avenue Walk, an outdoor shopping experience. Whether you are searching for brand name stores, or smaller eclectic shops you’ll find both in the shopping districts throughout West Calgary. There are also local markets where you can find locally grown produce and handmade crafts.


Fun is something Calgary definitely isn’t short on with a theme park, the Calgary Zoo, and numerous other indoor and outdoor activities. There are a number of museums showcasing everything from science and technology to airplanes and vintage cars. Historic monuments and sites are scattered around the area as well. There are entertainment centers, a luge track and several escape rooms as well. We’re sure you will always be able to find something to do near West Calgary!


The weather in West Calgary is quite nice in comparison to other Canadian cities. The air is typically dry with low levels of humidity. There are four distinct seasons, with a much more pleasant winter than most Canadian cities. The rainfall is low and Calgary gets the most sun out of any of Canada’s major cities. It definitely isn’t a tropical beach, but the weather can be extremely nice. For winter months, you can use the +15 walkways to avoid the cold.


The economy in Calgary is centered mostly around the petroleum industry, tourism and agriculture. Due to this it has lower gasoline and natural gas prices than all of Canada. No provincial sales tax allows for more saving as well.

These are just 5 great reasons to pick West Calgary as your new home. With a beautiful climate and flourishing economy, lots of restaurants, shopping malls, and activities, your family is sure to enjoy everything West Calgary has to offer.