Back-to-school tips for parents

Back-to-school tips for parents

Back-to-school tips for parents to ensure everything goes as seamlessly as possible for you and your child on the first day of school.

Meet the new teacher

Attend any open house available to meet your child’s teacher and make sure they have time to get to know them as well. This can make the first day of class a lot more relaxing and comfortable.

Visit the school

Visit your school and take a tour! If your child already knows their schedule, make sure you visit each classroom. Familiarizing them with the school and campus can make getting to class on the first day a lot more enjoyable.

Connect with friends

Children often worry about who will be in their classes during the school year. Contact some of your child’s friends and their parents to see if any children are in your child’s class. Scheduling some activities before the new year can help foster friendship and get them excited about back-to-school.

Go shopping early

When it comes to school supplies, we typically know most of the basic school supplies that are needed. To avoid the back-to-school shopping craze, pickup pencils, pens and other supplies in advance. This can save you time, money and even frustration.

Slowly change routines

When it comes to getting back into the school routine, we find it is important to slowly transition. A few weeks before school starts, make sure you start getting your children back on their school sleep schedule, morning schedule, etc.