10 Things to Do in West Calgary

Confused about what do to over the weekend? Calgary has a lot to give you if you want to explore. Check out these 10 things you can do in Calgary!

  1. Fort Calgary – Fort Calgary is a wooden fort, built in 1875 by the North-West Mounted Police. Enjoy concerts and Sunday Brunches at Fort Calgary!
  2. The Hangar Flight Museum – Formerly the Aero Space Museum of Calgary the Hangar Flight Museum is the knowledge center for vintage airplanes and helicopters with a story. The collection holds a historical significance attached to each aircraft.
  3. Contemporary Calgary – Contemporary Calgary is an Art Gallery for art connoisseur. Look for the best artists displaying their fine work at Contemporary Calgary Art Gallery.
  4. Big Rock Brewery – Explore and discover amidst racks of Canadian Beer at Big Rock Brewery. Get yourself a chance to attend the brewery tour of Canada’s leading Craft Brewery.
  5. Bow Habitat Station – Learn more about Alberta’s marshlands, wildlife, and aquatic attractions. Book a tour to the Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery. Indulge in fishing at the Trout Pond and stroll through the Interpretive Wetlands.
  6. Butterfield Acres Calgary – Experience the petting zoo or hands-on farming with your family. Butterfield Acres Calgary offers summer camps, Easter Hunts on weekends, Birthday Party Celebrations at the farm and a lot more.
  7. Calaway Park – This is western Canada’s largest outdoor family amusement park. Spend the whole day enjoying the amusing and thrilling rides with your kids when the park opens up again for the 2017 season on May 20th!
  8. Calgary Tower – This 191 meters-high Tower is the beauty of Downtown Calgary. Enjoy the panoramic view from the tower and plan a dinner at Sky 360 Restaurant and Lounge located at the top of the Calgary Tower with your family.
  9. Canada Olympic Park – Indulge in sports activities and enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hockey, skating, bobsleighing, mountain biking and more at one destination.
  10. Devonian Gardens – Stroll around and enjoy the beauty of this huge indoor park and botanical garden located in Downtown Calgary. Although the area is currently under renovation, the playground area is now open for your kids to enjoy!

Don’t let this weekend go waste, explore these options with your friends and family in Calgary.